These General Terms and Conditions for Gaming and Service Use (hereinafter referred to as Games) provided by Escape Reality Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms) govern the contractual relationship between Escape Reality Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Provider) and the participants in the Games and Users of services (referred to as Clients).

Each participant in the Games undertakes to become acquainted with and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

(1) The Provider shall organize and conduct Games in specially equipped premises, located at the Provider's shop with address: Sofia 1000, 35A Dunav Street;

(2) Every participant in the Games is obliged to observe these General Terms and Conditions as well as the instructions of the staff of Escape Reality Ltd. - both before and during the game;

(3) The Provider shall not be liable for any injuries or injuries resulting from non-observance of these Terms and Conditions and / or the instructions of the Contractor's personnel;

(4) Every person over the age of 16 shall have the right to participate in the game. Persons under 16, but at least 12 years of age, may participate in the game only with an attendant - parent, guardian, trustee.

(5) Prior to the start of the game, an operator (employee of the Provider) conducts instruction and introduces players to the venue where the game will take place. The operator assists players by placing the virtual reality equipment and securing each player in his / her place. From this point on, until the end of the Game, the Customer has no right to leave its place or to remove the virtual reality equipment independently without explicitly alerting the Operator who is in constant contact with all players. Removing virtual reality equipment and leaving the player's place is done by assisting the operator, who removes the virtual reality technique from the player and removes the safety mechanism.

(6) Emergency termination is possible as the Client notifies the operator voice - the operator is in constant contact with all players from the time of their entry into the gambling room until they leave.

(7) Each game has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The time starts to run after all players are placed in the playroom, the virtual reality equipment is placed on them and the operator starts the game.

(8) The Provider's premises, including all gaming, reception and other premises, are under constant video surveillance. Upon entering the premises, the Customer is deemed to be informed and consulted with the video surveillance. The client agrees that video surveillance records - including sound recordings - be stored by Escape Reality Ltd for a period of 1 year and be used for statistical and marketing purposes. The Provider reserves the right to make recordings of what is happening in the game under the same conditions. If the Customer does not agree with the previous text, he / she may state this in writing by submitting a declaration on the premises of the Provider.

(9) The Client participates in the Game at their sole discretion and at their own risk.

(10) At the disposal of the Customers is a lockable cabinet in which they can leave their luggage and personal belongings, lock the cupboard and keep the key inside until the game is over. Escape Reality Ltd. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings and luggage of the participants in the Game.

(11) Virtual Reality Equipment (Oculus Rift) is used during the game. Each participant should be aware of the safety warnings posted here:

(12) It is not advisable to involve persons suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia, asthma, heart disease, problems with the vestibular apparatus, as well as diseases or conditions that are activated or exacerbated by sudden light or sound, prolonged noise, dark and narrow spaces as well as pregnant. If, despite any of these conditions, the Client takes part in the game, this is at his / her risk and the Supplier is not responsible for any negative consequences for the Customer.

(13) The game may be terminated at any time if the Client experiences discomfort, panic or otherwise wishes to terminate his / her participation in the game. It is enough to state this verbatim and the operator will take steps to immediately terminate the game and release the player from the virtual reality equipment and the security mechanism.

(14) The Client undertakes not to distribute and share information about the nature of the game, the puzzles and the interior of the game room.

(15) The recording and recording by the client in the playing room, whether during the game or at other times, is prohibited.

(16) The Provider may request verification of the identity documents of anyone wishing to participate in the game or to gain access to the Supplier's premises in order to establish the identity and age of the person. In the event of a failure, the Provider reserves the right not to admit the person to his / her site and to participate in the Game.

(17) The Provider reserves the right to refuse access to its site and participation in the game to persons who at the discretion of the Provider and / or servant of the supplier are intoxicated by the influence of narcotic drugs are aggressive or do not comply with conditions for a minimum age for participation.

(18) The importation of food and beverages, as well as any kind of weapons and dangerous objects at the Supplier's premises, is prohibited. In the event of any doubt on the part of an employee of the Contractor that a person could import such objects, a check of the person's luggage may be carried out and, in the event of refusal to do so, may be denied access to the subject and the Person's Play.

(19) Any breach of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Operator's instructions - before and during the game, may result in refusal to participate in the Game and refusal of access to the Provider's site. In such a case, the amount paid by the Client is not refunded, and in case of damages for the Supplier, he reserves the right to seek financial liability from the offender.

(20) The Supplier has the right to make financial and other claims to Customers who have breached the General Terms and Conditions, as well as any damages (lost and missed benefits) resulting from improper use of equipment, broken or damaged equipment or interior fittings. Customers who have caused such damage or contributed directly or indirectly to their causes owe compensation to the Supplier. Customers understand and agree that damages can be expressed not only in the cost of recovering broken, damaged, stolen equipment but also in discontinuing the work of the Provider's site for an indefinite period of time, impossibility to make reservations or in failed Reservations or Games of Next Participants, in compensation for such failed Reservations or Games, and the like.

(21) The Provider's team may photograph or record the participants in the Game, with their spoken consent. The photographs and / or video recordings made may be used by the Provider for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, copying, reproduction, storage, modification, public disclosure, publication and distribution in any form, on any media and in any environment, without limitation in time or territory, including, but not limited to, printed materials, Facebook, other social networks, the Provider's website, the Internet, etc. The Provider owes no remuneration or compensation to the captured or recorded persons. Property rights and intellectual property rights in these photographs, videos, and audio recordings belong entirely to the Provider.

(22) Reservation for participation in the game can be made through the website of the Provider at or by phone at +359 889 116 998. When making a reservation, a deposit or the full value of reservation - at the customer's choice. The amount of the deposit and the total price for the game are announced on the site, upon selection of a specific hour by the Client. When a reservation is paid upon reservation, it is deducted from the total price of the Game and the Client pays the remaining amount on the spot.

(23) Players must be in the designated day and time, preferably 10 minutes before the start time of the reservation. In case of a delay of more than 15 minutes, the Provider may refuse participation in the game without refunding the amount paid.

(24) Changing the date and time of a reservation made is possible no later than 48 hours before the start of the game.

(25) The General Terms and Conditions are published on the Internet site of the Provider at The Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Service by updating it on its website.